Smart Pulse Overview

SmartPulse is a personal device, designed to check ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function, Stress and Peripheral Blood Circulation. It provides objective data to diagnose psycosomatic disorder such as Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disorder, Poor concentration, Mental/physical stress degree, chronic fatigue and blood circulation.


Family Health Care

Now you can monitor your family's Cardiovascular Health at home. If you have High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol issues, Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis, Poor Circulation or Stress. You want a SMART Pulse to find out how to improve your health naturally.


Here is a simple way to quickly interpret your SMART Pulse Report and be able to improve your scores over time with suggestions that include, nitiric oxide, antioxidants, stress coach, diet and exercise. All personalized for you.

How to Use Your Smart Pulse

Connecting Your SMART Pulse to a Bluetooth is simple when you follow these basic instructions. It will take just two minutes to be able to measure the circulation and stress in your body with this personal medical device.