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The Cardio Wellness Group is committed to eliminating heart disease. Working to find not only products that work to care for you heart, but simple daily changes you can make that will greatly improve your cardiovascular health and insure that you are happy and healthy for the rest of your life. We provide quality, up to date information about new ways to care for your heart and your cardiovascular disease. 

Cardio Wellness Group

You Could Not Live Without Nitric Oxide!

Welcome to the world of Nitric Oxide Therapy and how it can be used to improve cardiovascular health and human performance. Our goal is to give you accurate information so that you can see how this molecule called Nitric Oxide, can help address a wide range of health issues, especially the health of your cardiovascular system.

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Jean LaVallie

Jean LaVallie began her journey into cardiovascular health because of her own challenges with heart disease. By researching the newest discoveries for herself and her family, she wanted to share her knowledge with so many that are struggling with their own heart disease and cardiac issues. As the co-founder of Cardio Wellness Group, Jean works tirelessly to spread the word about managing health to avoid having to manage a disease.


Jean has a passion for helping others and that is why she has worked with non-profit organizations like P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter). She also foundedWomen Entrepreneurs’ Secrets of Success (WESOS) – a women’s networking group of over 1,300 women in the Chicago Area. This group is unique in that it is centered around relationship building and support. There is no fee for membership.


Jean believes that there is a better way to spend the golden years of your life – one with out prescription drugs and hospital stays. She believes that while we all have to leave this world at sometime, we have the right to live a healthy vibrant life until that day comes!

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Judy Feldhausen

 Judy Feldhausen has been helping people build their dreams as a certified coach for more than a decade and is also a Certified Seminar Leader. Her corporate employment ranges from electronics to cosmetics.

She believes that donating her time is an important part of her life. She has held positions as treasurer, vice president and board member of the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce. And named business person of the year. 

Her former service on the Planning Commission in Streamwood allowed her to help the community develop responsibly. As a member of the Natural Resource Conservancy Commission she focuses on making Streamwood a “greener" Community. 

Her highest honors are being named Illinois Woman of Achievement and recognized in the Cambridge Who’s Who. 

 Because of her own family history of CardioVascular disease she has been given the opportunity to help make a difference in helping to reduce what is now become the number one killer of men and women worldwide - Heart Disease. She co-founded the Cardio Wellness group whose mission is to eliminate heart disease using heart rate variability and nitric oxide therapy protocol.